Memorigin Watch Co. Ltd.

Founded in 2010, Memorigin is the only brand in Hong Kong that manufactures tourbillon watches. The traditional wood carving craftsmanship is injected into the western tourbillon watchmaking technology, accentuating the East-meets-West characteristics of Hong Kong. The company has more than 40 sales outlets and a R&D centre in Hong Kong.

Investment Needs for Tech Solutions

Intelligent manufacturing technology for watch production and new materials for watch bands.


WorkTech was founded in Hong Kong in 2011. There are more than 10 business locations in Hong Kong providing flexible co-working and living spaces, a diversity of events and one-stop business services for start-ups. In recent years, it has expanded its business to Asia and set up business locations in Shanghai and Taiwan one after another.

Investment Needs for Tech Solutions

Big data and artificial intelligence technologies for collecting and analysing the usage habits and business development needs of co-working space users at each location to assist in the precise deployment for development in future.

China Kong Auto Body Builders Co. Ltd.

The company was established in 1993 to provide professional design and assembly of bodywork for bus. The SanTin factory with an area of 150,000 square feet, 80% of the coaches currently travelling between Mainland and Hong Kong are masterpieces of the Chinese and Hong Kong factories.

Investment Needs for Tech Solutions

Environmentally friendly energy saving and new material technology applied to bus bodies, and intelligent manufacturing technology in bus bodies production.

Angel Investment Fund

Founded in 2014, the "Angel Investment Fund" invests primarily in investment projects co-created by start-ups and enterprises, or follows investment in start-up projects discovered by other investors.

Investment Needs for Tech Solutions

Blockchain, Fintech and supply chain finance technology that help to line up start-ups, enterprises and investors for investment collaboration.


Y Fintech Group

Founded in 2009, Y Fintech Group has been focusing on the development and design of quantitative trading systems for financial institutions. More than 2.4 million transactions have been accumulated, involving US$300 billion in trading volume.

Investment Needs for Tech Solutions

Establishing a platform through educational technology, e-sports and Fintech to enable those interested in transaction data researches to design a unique set of trading strategy by themselves for applications in real or simulated market operations and competition with other players around the world.

Ablemex Financial Group

Ablemex Financial Group was established in 2012. Its businesses include insurance agency, investment migration and cross-border finance. The company holds insurance agency licences in Hong Kong and Macau and has been actively developing new insurance products to meet market needs.

Investment Needs for Tech Solutions

Insurance technology, supply chain finance and blockchain applications help to design new insurance products, calculate risks and design insurance clauses to adjust risk factors so as to calculate premium rates.

NanoFlowX Technology Limited

The company focuses on R&D and investment in environmentally-friendly and energy-saving technologies, including nano-coating, conformal coatings and pure liquid glass screen protection for electronic devices. Users can build tempered glass layers on portable electronic devices.

Investment Needs for Tech Solutions

Using processing engineering technology, intelligent manufacturing and environmental protection technology, electronic products are more durable and environmentally friendly.

TeamWork Capital

The Company is committed to providing financing solutions to SMEs in retail and catering industry, helping their business development. The company also helps start-ups on business expansion, creates greater economic benefits and win-win situations.

Investment Needs for Tech Solutions

Big data and blockchain technology for the food and beverage industry, effectively forecasting and managing turnover.

Hong Kong Arbitration Society

Hong Kong Arbitration Society is an independent and charitable institution which is exempt from tax by the Hong Kong Government. It is dedicated to the promotion of arbitration development in Hong Kong and is committed to enhancing the popularity and awareness of arbitration. The resolution of disputes in a new way is more efficient than litigation and traditional arbitration.

Investment Needs for Tech Solutions

Using the Internet and mobile platforms through a new generation of information technology and Legal Tech to handle arbitration and resolve disputes.

Hung Hing Printing Group

With more than 70 years of printing and packaging excellence, Hung Hing has seen the Group growing from a small printing house to one of the largest printing solution service platforms in Asia with an extensive global outreach.

Investment Needs for Tech Solutions

Artificial intelligence, chatbot and robotics technologies or solutions that could achieve business operation and factory floor automation in order to move beyond industry 4.0.

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