VAR LIVE International Limited

Established in 2017, VAR LIVE is proud to be Asia’s first Virtual Reality (VR) content development organisation to have the capacity for both software and hardware production. VAR LIVE has patented 7 hardware peripherals and 16 VR game titles suitable for all ages. Apart from store business, VAR LIVE also has franchise store solutions, offering diversified and profitable business model to our investors and franchisees. All our products are uniquely created to reduce motion sickness superior to the traditional VR market. VAR LIVE has come a long way to become a leader in the VR development arena. In 2019, VAR LIVE has joined the Cyberport Incubation Programme and successfully won the HKICT Awards 2019: ICT Startup (Software & Apps) Silver Award.


ARTRO Digital Limited

Infanity3D™ is a new patented 3D holographic imaging system using POV technology and high-intensity spinning LED technology, enabling consumers to see 3D images with naked eyes. Slim in outlook and stylish in design, Infanity3D™ applies its proprietary programming to display SHARP and VIVID 3D images in mid-air. Since its launch in 2018, Infanity3D™ is much sought-after by many high-end brands and spans across 15 countries. Its application will be progressively extended to online and offline pop-up stores, briefing sessions, offline events, exhibitions, etc.

The world's only for long-distance identification and tracking in the complex scene of "Jitter"

WildFaces Technology Limited
WildFaces.AI owns the “On-The-Move” Vision AI domain with the protection of international patents, excelling in the use of IoT devices (e.g. drones, etc.) in “Wildly-Crowded” scenes. Disrupting traditional facial recognition technology and with ONLY ONE low-resolution & moving camera, we can recognise 100+ faces real-time in wide range – outperforming other suppliers who must install 50+ Fixed & high-resolution cameras, resulting in much higher all-in costs.
WildFaces.AI owns its Proprietary Core Algorithms and therefore will NOT be affected by potential “US-China trade” sanctions. WildFaces.AI is also internationally recognised. In a Gartner survey of 97 Video Analytic Vendors around the world, WildFaces.AI ranked 2nd among the vendors.
Liquid Biopsy for Cancer Monitoring and Early Screening
Cellomics International Ltd.
Cellomics is a leading Hong Kong-based biotech company focusing on the development and commercialisation of liquid biopsy products and services for early screening and disease management of cancer. With proprietary microfluidics and nucleic acid detection technology, we offer comprehensive liquid biopsy solutions for precision oncology. Our innovative products for circulating tumor cell enrichment and genetic analysis are manufactured in ISO13485 certified facilities and approved for clinical use in the China market. Cellomics aspires to become a global leader in liquid biopsy and precision medicine, and looks forward to working with international partners to help doctors and patients in fighting the battle with cancer.
Plasma Catalytic Oxidation Nanotechnology
Airluna’s patented PACO nanotechnology extends filter’s lifespan to 10 years, while users can use mobile phone control remotely, supplemented by cloud computing and big data to improve air purification efficiency. The appearance of Airluna can be customised according to different commercial spaces, and it can also enhance the commercial value of their customers with innovative arts and technology. As a horizontally expandable business solution, we also provide an air purification sharing platform “Aqigo” to build a high-quality air community and develop air purification products for different brands. In the future, Airluna will co-operate with other brands to launch products to set off different spaces that enhance both the health and beauty for business and household applications.
Development of new antihypertensive drugs (KSD179019)
Phrmasec Limited
PhrmaSec Limited is a Hong Kong University-based biotech spin-off company, rooted in the research done at Professor Billy KC Chow’s lab. Research led by Professor Chow and other groups has demonstrated that Secretin knockout animals will develop hypertension and related disorders as Secretin is of vital importance in water/salt homeostasis. Therefore, at PhrmaSec, by using an innovative approach, state-of-the-art technology and high-throughput in vitro and in silico screening, we have identified five therapeutic molecules that can target Secretin Receptor to function as anti-hypertensive compounds. KSD171990 is being selected for pre-clinical studies after comparison is made.

LiTone LBS
Laser slice scanning microscopy system

Light Inno Tech Limited
Light Inno Tech Ltd (LiT) is devoted to developing and manufacturing high-end microscope imaging components. We are aiming to be one of the leading high-end scientific research equipment manufacturers in the world. Based on the patented technology known as the Line Bessel Sheet (LBS), we have developed the LiTone LBS light sheet microscope that can acquire 5D (3D space + 1D time + 1D color) videos of live biological samples. This is our core product which is aimed at universities, research institutes, hospitals and pharmaceutical industries, and finds its way into a broad range of applications including basic research in life science, pathologic research, drug development as well as chemical and material engineering.

Precision medication system:
Automatic medicine dispenser, shared medicine box

Novelin Limited
The world’s first dose tracking system with shared e-pillbox was selected for the 2018 The People's Republic of China Entrepreneurship Supporting Program. Addressing the problem of non-standard medicine packaging and bottling in China, the newly developed matrix-type automatic dispensing machine has a market price that is about a thousand times cheaper than imported ones. The dispensing machine is equipped with the latest medicine image recognition technology to recognise medicine more accurately, thus avoiding incidents of dispensing medicine wrongly, and patients do not need to wait for dispensation. With one dose and one brick, the patented unique door lock and ultra-low cost IoT e-pillbox, patients can be prevented from taking the wrong medicine. Patients can go home and use the mobile phone reminder and recording function to ensure that the medicine is taken on time. Doctors will also be aided in prescribing medicine more accurately. The aim is to prevent and control the spread of disease and make the entire population healthier.
Intelligent financial platform
Lenovo Group (China) Limited
HyperBanker is an intelligent financial platform built on automated machine learning technology. With the “artificial intelligence & finance” cross-domain knowledge integration and a drag-and-drop graphical user interface, it automates machine learning pipelines that include data processing, model selection and model optimisation, creating a user-friendly machine learning platform. Banking staff can efficiently perform data analysis, modelling and results evaluation with no machine learning-related knowledge required, facilitating the application of cutting-edge AI technologies and solutions in the banking industry. In addition, our technology can be widely used in the retail, energy, medical and education industries as well as other fields in the future, with customisation and personalisation provided to satisfy specific needs of customers.
Gene anti-hair loss technology
Owing to reasons such as pressure in daily life and imbalanced diet, hair stem cells often face early ageing problems, leading to the depletion of the cells’ collagen and hair loss. However, anti-hair loss products in the market are unable to address this core issue. By applying the state-of-the-art “Super-enhancer” technology, Re:Gen Biotechnology has identified a substance that can effectively control hair cells’ collagen at the genetic level and greatly alleviate the hair loss problem caused by hair cells’ early ageing. Re:Gen has already applied for patents in China and overseas regarding this technology.

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